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openeverything focus

We are organizing monthly openeverything focus events, on every fourth Thursday evening, at the newthinking store (Berlin-Mitte). With each openeverything focus, we look into a particular area of open (e.g. open design, open workspaces, open science etc.) or discuss a specific open – related question (e.g. philosophy and phenomenon of openness etc.).

Find out more:…id=53691133723


andrea.goetzke [at]


openeverything day – 6 December 2008

openeverything Berlin brought together about 70 people, from a variety of backgrounds, engaged or interested in diverse initiatives with an "open" tag. Thanks to all who made this an interesting and inspiring day.


Thanks to the photographers, who have posted pictures: here, here, here and here.


* Silke Helfrich (Commonsblog): Commons Everything statt Open Everything.

* Christian Siefkes (Keimform):
Alles wird offen (Teil 1) (summary and review of the panel discussion: Open Basics)
Alles wird offen (Teil 2) (detailed summary and review of the showcases of open projects) 


newthinking store | Tucholskystr. 48 | 10117 Berlin – Mitte


6 December 2008, Saturday, full day event


09:30 Doors open

10:00 Welcome + Introduction + Start of Session Planning for the day

10:15 Handover openeverything Hong Kong, including overview of openeverything Cape Town

looked like this from Berlin: 


and like this from Hong Kong:

Video: Exchange Berlin – Hong Kong

Video: Philipp Schmidt talking about Open Everything Cape Town, seen from Hong Kong

10:45 Panel: Open Basics (Overview, conceptual thoughts + established initiatives, as Free Software, Creative Commons, freifunk …)

* Martin Schmidt, newthinking store

* Volker Grassmuck, HU Berlin

* Markus Beckedahl,, newthinking 

* Michelle Thorne, Creative Commons International

* Jürgen Neumann,

11:45 Showcases of open projects

* Cecilia Palmer, Open Fashion, Pamoyo

* Ronen Kadushin, Open Design

* Nicola Caroli, Open Poetry Festival

* Frank Patzig, Barcamps

* Stefan Zimmer, Open Music Bar, breipott

* Linda Löser, Fragment Store

* Yan Minagawa, C-base, Bootlab, Telekommunisten

* Werner Heuser, Neo Fre-Runner

* Tim Baumann, Open Film, Valkaama (website)(slides)

* Alan Toner, Jan Gerber, Sebastian Luetgert: Steal this Film / Footage

* Georg von Zimmermann, Open Critics

<strong>13:30 Lunch </strong>

15:00 Open Space Sessions

Set 1

* Holm Friebe (ZIA): Marke Eigenbau, book presentation

* Silke Helfrich (commoms Blog): Commons instead of Open Access?

* Philipp Schmidt: Peer2Peer University, building a free and open university

Set 2

* Fabienne Serriere: Open Source Hardware,,, slides here

* Balthas Seibold (InWEnt): Open Development Cooperation through Capacity Building in Free and Open Source Software?

Summary: "The session discussed, how/if the principles of openness are resonating with some key principles of Development Cooperation in general and capacity-building support to initiatives in "Free and Open Source Software" in Asia in Africa in particular. The presentation is online [here]. Two main recommendations came out of the session:

1) Open Capacity Building will require community-driven building of freely licensed training material, while at the same time ensuring sustainable business models for local actors, e.g. local FOSS training companies.

2) While many principles of development cooperation such as participation, empowerment and non-discrimination rhyme well with the principles of Openness, there is room for improvement, when it comes to transparency and flexibility of the system.

Set 3

* Christian Siefkes + Frauke Hehl (Workstation Berlin): Peer Economy + Best Practices

* Daniel Kinzler (Wikimedia): Open Archives (Bundesarchiv unter CC etc.)

Summary:  Wikimedia Deutschland pursuaded the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive) to punblish about 100 000 images under CC-BY-SA. That’s all images they a) have sufficient rights to relicense and b) are already digitized. In return, they get whatever information, categorization, linking etc the community adds. Additionally, there’s a special project for assigning a unique identifier, a PND, to people shown in the pictures. The PND is maintained by the German National Library. More information at…s:Bundesarchiv

We talked about how we got them to do this, and how this technically works. There was some discussions about how to get more archives to do somethign similar, and on how to use the images most effectively, i.e. make them searchable (and downloadable) by metadata, etc.

Set 4

* Thomas Kalka: Open licenses for physical goods, open semantic linking

* Willi Schroll: Open Money

* Ronen Kadushin + Linda Löser: Open Design

18:30 Handover openeverything Madison/Wisconsin/USA

<strong>18:30 Dinner Buffet</strong>

19:30 German Launch Us Now Documentary

The feedback on the documentary was positive. It received comments such as "I would like to show this film to friends who are not into web stuff and open approaches, in order to explain to them better what this is all about and what difference it can make. It is a good introduction to the topic." and "It leaves me with a very positive feeling about what is possible."

Some questions came up:
* Under what license will the film be available? Will it be released under Creative Commons?
* Will the film be subtitled? And if not, will it be available for others to subtitle it?

<strong>20:30 Drinks + Socializing</strong>



Further details:



Basti Hirsch,

Philipp Schmidt,,

Balthas Seibold,

Daniel Kinzler, User:Daniel_Kinzler

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