Cape Town

Cape Town

This show is over (for now)!

On August 22, 2008 50 fabulous folks gathered at Bird’s Boutique Cafe in Cape Town to talk about the art, science and spirit of ‘open’. This page is an (emerging) record of that event. 


What did talk about?

As is becoming the norm, Open Everything Cape Town was a tasty cocktail of an
event: insipirational talks (10 in one hour), unconferency
conversations and a great dinner party all mixed up together. Things that happened:

  • What’s open? University of the Western Cape‘s Philipp Schmidt and  Shuttleworth Foundation‘s Mark Surman did a 15 mininute schtick to set up the conversation. This was folled by 30 mins of people speed-introing with each other around the questions ‘what’s open and why do we care?’. There is a slidecast of the opening as well as a short blog post about it by Mark. 
  • Open Cape Town Speedgeeks. The intro was followed by ten high speed presentations by local people and projects that have baked openness into their DNA. We’ll post audio or video for the bulk of these soon.
  • Couchsurfing by Mandy Messina
  • UWC’s Rip. Mix. Learn. by Igor Lesko
  • 27 Dinners by Dave Duarte
  • Mail and Guardian Thought Leader by Matthew Buckland
  • Siyavula / FHSST by Sarah Blyth
  • Dabba / Village Telco by Steve Song
  • Ultimate Holiday Planner by Terence Lapidus
  • QuirkE Marketing by Rob Stokes
  • Creative R&D by Steve Kromberg
  • Breadbin Freedom Toaster – Brett Simpson
  • Over coffee we had a surprise: champagne and cake for Matt Buckland’s birthday. 
  • Case study: open sourcing in government.  Aslam Raffee, CIO of the Department of Science and Technology, provided a brief, under-the-hood look at adopting open source within the Government of South Africa. Aslam was interviewed by the Mail and Guardian Online‘s  Matthew Buckland and the Shuttleworth Foundation‘s Steve SongThe full podcast is here, and a blog post is here
  • Open space sessions: there were five open space sessions at the end:
    • Andrew Rens on Open
    • Eve Gray on Opening Scholarship
    • Maximilian Kaizen on
      creating a Free Culture House for Cape Town
    • Natalie on the CVET archive
    • Jenny Radloff on Feminist Tech Exchange

    It felt like there wasn’t really enough time for these, which was the same as Toronto. We need to fix that in future events.

If you want to SEE what happend, check out Tino’s great Flickr set.

What did people say?

Blog postings covering or inspired by the event included:

If you know of a post that we missed, please add it.

Who attended?

Here is a list of people who attended. Thanks a million to Wendy for doing registration.

  1. Helen King, Shuttleworth Foundation
  2. Philipp Schmidt, UWC
  3. Maximilian Kaizen
  4. Mark Horner, Shuttleworth Foundation
  5. Bronwen Kausch
  6. Mandy Messina CS
  7. Mark Surman, Shuttleworth Foundation
  8. Mathew Buckland, Mail and Guardian
  9. James Cairns
  10. Lanon Prigge
  11. Tonia Zorbas (might be a bit late)
  12. Andrew Rens, Shuttleworth Foundation
  13. Peter ‘Piet’ Waechtler
  14. David Duarte
  15. Terence Lapidus
  16. Vincent Maher –
  17. Wolde Amde
  18. Steve Kromberg
  19. Steve Song, Shuttleworth Foundation
  20. Rich Mulholland
  21. Karien Bezuidenhout, Shuttleworth Foundation
  22. Tasos Calantzis, Readymade
  23. Eve Gray, University of Cape Town
  24. Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams, Uni versity of Cape Town
  25. Michelle Willmers, University of Cape Town @
  26. Peter Heinecke, Cielarko International Management Consultants
  27. Dr H Titilayo Seriki, Cielarko International Management Consultants
  28. Glenn McKnight, FBSC – @
  29. Werner van Staden, MeWe OpenSource – @
  30. Yasser Buchana, University of the Western Cape/ (Free Software Innovation Unit)
  31. Abdul Hadi Fakier , University of the Western Cape/ (Free Software Innovation Unit)
  32. Aqeelah Begg-, University of the Western Cape/ (Free Software Innovation Unit)
  33. Sarah Blyth, free textbook genius @
  34. Pamela Weaver, ITWeb
  35. Janet Paterson, ITWeb
  36. Joy Olivier
  37. Michelle Matthews
  38. Rene Toerien, University of Cape Town @
  39. Jennifer Radloff, APC Women’s Networking Support Programme
  40. Malcolm Ferguson,
  41. Igor Lesko, UWC *
  42. Arthur Attwell, Electric Book Works
  43. Richard Mills, Film Editor
  44. Gabi De Bie, University of Cape Town @
  45. Joshin Raghubar, iKine
  46. Tanya Odendaal, Grandstand Management @
  47. Anton Grutter (+1), UWC, arrive at 18h only – ok
  48. Grant Hearn (+1), UWC – ok
  49. Yolanda Botha, – ok
  50. Jean-Michel Jaquet, University of Cape Town @
  51. Lauren Rosenberg, SAHO @
  52. Michael Adeyeye, University of Cape Town <micadeyeye{at}>
  53. Morgan Behr
  54. Malcolm Ferguson, Ivory Tower Internet Solutions
  55. Raymond De Villiers, Wisdom Games
  56. Anriette Esterhuysen, APC
  57. Judith Haupt, CONTRACT Reifenhaeuser & Karnath
  58. Leigh, TSIBA
  59. Natalie, CVET – ok

This event was organized by …

…. a random collection of committed rabble plus people, resources and ideas from the University of the Western Cape and the Shuttleworth Foundation

UWC_logo.jpg ShuttleworthRGB.jpg

Notes on other "open" things in Cape Town

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